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Real Estate is our only job. We focus 100% on our clients. We work with many Buyers per year and deal with hundreds transactions; offers, counter offers, and changes. Compared to 3-5 real estate transactions that an average person completes in their lifetime, we complete multiple real estate tasks on a daily basis. That focus makes what may seem complicated to you as the buyer, fairly common and familiar to us. We know the process and as your Buyer’s Agent, we know what to expect.

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We don't only say that we can help you in your home search. We stand behind our promise, and we have our past clients vouching for our work.

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JBLM Relocation - VA Buyer Assistance

A large part of our business is in assisting our military men and women with relocation to Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). We have extensive area knowledge and experience in finding homes for our Heroes since 2006. We understand the needs and challenges that our military clients face. Whether you are looking for a home near a specific JBLM gate, or need to connect with a local VA lender, we are able to help with the entire home search and purchase process. Most importantly, you don't have to be in the area to begin your search. Connect with us early on, and we will be there for you from the time we first speak, through your relocation to JBLM and the move into your new home, and for years after.

Buyer Representation

As Buyer's Agents we will represent YOU...the BUYER!

Unlike Buyer's Agents who represent the Buyer, Listing Agents represent the Seller. Their legal obligation is to the Seller and not to YOU, the Buyer. That is true for resale listings, as well as new home communities. Most new home representatives are Listing Agents, and legally obligated to represent the Seller (builder). So when searching for any home, new included, make sure to have a Buyer's Agent on your side, working for YOU!

As your Buyer’s Agents we will make sure YOUR best interests are accounted for.

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